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This is the SUNY New Paltz Traveling Zine library created to help SUNY New Paltz students gain access to zines. In this journal I'll post about new additions to the collection, zine of the week, events and the weekly open library hour.

Do you want to have people read your zines? Do you want to have your zines appreciated? Does your zine collection need some pruning? Then donate to the Unofficial SUNY New Paltz Traveling Zine library! We really, really, appreciate any and all that come our way.

Open Zine Library Hour is post poned for a few weeks until I get settled in with my schedule. Please contact me if you'd like to check out zines. My schedule is fairly flexible.


1. Why is this a traveling zine library?
It's a traveling library because there is no one place where a patron can come in and look at the collection. The entire collection can easily be moved to another dorm room, the actual SUNY New Paltz Library, the Sub or to Hasbrouck.

2. How do I get a zine library card?
There is no official card, but I do write down your name, email address and campus address. We ask for a $1 or $2 donation in case you lose or damage or do not return the zines you've borrowed. Any monetary donation also helps us buy more zines for YOU to check out and enjoy. After I write down your info you have access to all the zines in the library and the priveledge of checking out three zines at a time.

3. How do I check out a zine(s)?
First, look through the list of zines currently in the library and get an idea of which zines you'd like to check out. Then contact me through lj, email (travelingzinelibrary@hotmail.com) or by AIM (sn: npzinelibrary) and we can set up a time when you'd like to go through collection. Usually, the switch is in the main lounge of Bevier Hall or in the floor level of Hasbrouck and I bring library there so that you can browse.

4. This is great! Where is the list of zines and how can I stay updated?
The list of zines is being updated into catergories periodically. To stay updated simply friend the library here on LJ or myspace (but the lj get's updated more frequently).

5. How can I contribute my zine or zine collection to the library?
We LOVE donations and really appreciate them. Please contact me and I'll give you further instructions.


Contact Info:
AIM: npzinelibrary
email: travelingzinelibrary@hotmail.com

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

(We are in no way sponsored or affiliated with SUNY New Paltz)
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