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13 November 2006 @ 12:00 am
Gender and Body Zines  
The zines contain themes of body image, feminism, eating disorders, gender, parenting, queer community, riot grrrl, sexual assault, genderqueer, and other related topics.

adorable pancreas #1
by theresa

dangerous love
by krystal lee

don't be afraid of feminism: an introduction for men, women, boys, ladies, girls, studs, and everyone in between
by Meg

doris #21
by Doris

Fat Girl #1
i am a fat girl
by Nicci

Fat Girl #2
by Nicci

The F-Word: feminism and the art of every day living #1
Fall 2004
By Karia Macauley

Figure 8: the most revolutionary thing you can do is love your body #3
By Krissy Durden
Ponyboy Press

from here to there and back again... #2
by shannon

Hot Pantz
Do It Yourself Gynecology
Herbal Remedies
A Blood Sisters Reproduction

how to sew your own cloth pads

Jane: Documents from Chicago’s Clandestine Abortion Service 1968-1973
By Firestarter Press

Just Say No Thank You:
A Zine about Being Asexual and Vegan
Issue #1

Mine: an anthology of reproductive rights #1

Mine: an anthology of reproductive rights #2

M is for Monster
a one-shot memoir of rape and recovery
by Jess

Mend my Dress
By neely bat chestnut

mend my dress
number four leprophobia- fear of rabbits
by neely bat chestnut

no better voice, no shame! #29

Not Sorry #1 & #2
October 2005
By Jenny

Not Sorry #3
The unofficial Riot Grrrl issue
April 2005
By Jenny

Not Sorry #5
By Jenny

The Period Project
A manual for your menses
By Violet

Radical Menstruation: alternative ways of viewing your period and living with it
By astridiana@riseup.net

the rape booklet
by Willow Naeco

rocket queen #1

rocket queen #2


by Jess Morrow
Desert Star Press

Viva La Mama!: The Radical Parenting Zine
Issue One compiled
by Kara

Secuality, Safety, and Vulnerability
a collection of writings June 2004
by Keri Whitehead

women in the zapatistas

also check out

Cherry Blossom, Cherry Pie #1
by danielle

Cherry Blossom, Cherry Pie
Issue #2
By Danielle

A Girl Called Mike
By Taryn Hipp

By Jon

phases of the moon #1
by Stacey Marie and Alexander

...located in the Personal Zine section