npzinelibrary (npzinelibrary) wrote,

Zine of the Week: 11/26-12/03

phases of the moon #1
resistance is fertile.
by stacey marie & alexander
Can be bought at: Selenographie, Stranger Danger Distro, and Loop Distro

Stacey Marie begins this zine with "This is our story about the year we got pregnant & made the decision to give our baby up for adoption." And what a interesting, thought provocing, emotional, amazing year it was. Stacey Marie and her partner Alexander write about this year from their prospectives and how they both precieved these life altering events. What was especially interesting to me was when Stacey would write about her feelings toward the medical industry and it's relationship with women. At times this zine is heart wrenching and humbling. I recommend this zine full heartedly!
Tags: zine of the week
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