We're Official!

The Unofficial SUNY New Paltz Traveling zine library is now official! We're not a part of the recently approved Zine Club.

Info about the Zine Club's meetings we'll be posted soon.

Ideas for Next Year

Next semester is quickly approaching and I want to get more people involved with the zine library aka checking zines out. Right now I know of only a handful of interested people who like to read and make zines.

If you have any ideas for next year or know anyone who likes zines let me know. Also, I plan on ordering some new zines. Any preferences for the topics of future zines? I'd like to make this library the best that it can be.

The Oracle

Finally some publicity (and yet i'm postponing it)! Someone from the Oracle emailed me yesterday about writing an article about the zine library, but I asked her if we could delay it until the zine library has better footing. Also, a friend of mine is interested in forming a zine club next year, so hopefully we can do a combined zine club/zine library article by the end of the semester.

Would anyone be interested in a zine club?